If you're so desperate to give that lever a good time, why don't you do it yourself!
Dio keeps the fact that he is part of Free the Soul extremely private.
Mystical White Hair : Phi.
But you didn't have a choice, did you?Then Alice succumbs to Radical-6.Akane also adjusts his bombs so that their timers are discount ash sneakers synced to Radical-6 time.quot;s "Where are you, you little bastard!?Later, it is revealed that Sigma is Zero, although due to his consciousness travelling through time, he remains unaware until near the end.Aerith and Bob : The cast includes characters with Awesome McCool Names like Sigma, Phi, Quark, Tenmyouji and K whose real name is Kyle, which mothers day gifts for your wife isn't an Awesome McCool Name.Set Right What Once Went Wrong : The ultimate goal of the AB Project Nonary Game is to fully awaken Sigma and Phi's Mental Time Travel abilities so that they can stop the outbreak of Radical-6 in the past.Anti-Frustration Features : Since the game has multiple endings based on past choices, you're going to want to revisit those previously played portions of the game to see them all.Whenever Sigma opens a door denver zoo gift store with Phi in the group, she says, "You don't have to ask me when you're opening the door".Whenever a decision must be made in game (especially when there's a time limit who does Luna always turn to?Clover : Don't tell.Even the weirdest stuff is fully explained and properly foreshadowed.Diving Kick : Phi jumps off an AB room's roof and kicks the one who's about to kill the old woman while falling onto them.TachibanaImagawa YoshimotoFelicitaKazuki KosudaAlice GehabichAsuka KitamuraGirikaChieri OnoMoto TonomuraNieniuMako Fujisaki / ValkyriaSophia SakharovSofia SakharovHakkoAisa HimegamiAisa HimegamiAisa HimegamiKotomi IchinoseKotomi IchinoseMaria ShaingIbuki KajiiReikoYuki MizushimaKyoko VermillionMavis VermillionBedivereHinako InuiHinako InuiHinako InuiSatellizer el BridgetKazuha AoiSatellizer el BridgetShinji KazamaAlex BenedettoAleriaGhost GirlYukinari SasakiSaya AkabaneBarbaraElsa de SicaPatriciaSnow PrincessCal-141Ai EnmaKalluto ZoldyckRinRinYukako YamagishiYonomoriTaihouKota OyamadaKota OyamadaShigure KosakaTochumaruShigure KosakaTochumaruVendrediYure.He informed Sigma that his entire purpose was to be part the foundation of Brother's new world.Phi will actually berate you if you try to do the puzzle again.But I won't like.Eowyn makes the same statement right before killing the Witch-King in 'The Return of the King' and The Odyssey, which is the alias which Odysseus/Ulysses makes when tricking the cyclops Polyphemus.You can visit the Gaulem Bay during a route where you went to another puzzle room instead and see that G-OLM isn't there.

Unsurprising, considering Akane is actively contributing.
Tenmyouji escapes with Quark and Clover.
However, in any other given time-sensitive situation, the characters will often be racing against the clock and a few times, it turns out that having a conversation during a countdown is a bad idea.