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Ill do whatever it take to make the world a better place, said President Trump in the special, soften humble-brag voice he uses to wind up reporters from.
These were just of the few things President Trump didnt actually say at his hugely entertaining post-summit press conference in Singapore.
Luke Messer, formally nominated the president in a letter sent to the Nobel Committee on Wednesday.Meanwhile, every day, Trump is going to keep on reminding us that he is the greatest US president since Reagan, maybe even of our lifetimes.After explaining that it was really Kim Jong Uns decision, not his, he couldnt resist adding a helpful suggestion.Earlier today, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un crossed the de-militarized zone.To show us just how much he was enjoying it, he casual-ostentatiously asked his press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders if superseeds com discount code shed allow him an extension.You bypass the media treating them with a mix of jocular affection and amused contempt and speak directly to the people in language they can understand.Related Story, trump Should Win The Nobel Peace Prize, South Korea's President Says.Suck on this, all you liberal MSM and NeverTrumpers!I wouldnt count.Sure he might get the odd thing right, probably by accident or, in the case of North Korea, because of all the amazing groundwork done by the genius Obama and by the arch deal-maker Dennis Rodman but its all OK because in their heads they.And as the, indianapolis Star notes since all three candidates pretty much mirror each other when it comes to policy issues, "support for Trump and his agenda have become a key litmus test in Indiana.".Whos the boss now, President Xi Ping of China?No, Trump is not just impressive, but demonstrably brilliant at what he does.Theyll continue to pontificate that President Trump is a vulgar, stupid, undignified, egotistical, hamfisted, troublemaking, divisive, dangerous braggart because thats the only way theyre ever going to be able to deal with fact that he is so obviously #winning.Beat that Barack Obama!Share this story if you think Trump should win a Nobel Peace Prize!
There might be some political motivations involved in this nomination, too.

So in those sentences I just"d, he manages in the space of less than 30 seconds to move from economic policy outline to humorous mockery to self-aggrandising self-reference to his skills as a big swinging dick real estate player.