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If the invitation is casual (you were invited by text the celebration will probably be too.There used to be hard-and-fast rules surrounding the guest listif you aren't inviting them to the wedding, they shouldn't receive an invitation to the engagement party.We've rounded up 57 of our favorite engagement gifts to give (or register for) along with everything you need to know about hosting an engagement party.People will want to congratulate you and share in your joyand let's face it, a party is a lot more fun than a bunch of phone calls.Tradition dictates that it's the bride's parents' prerogative to host the first official celebration.Already Comparing 5 Items If you'd like to add this item to compare, you need to remove one of the other five items.If you're on a tight budget, opt for a token gift, like a handwritten well wish and a bouquet of fresh flowers.And have a plan for addressing wedding plans with guests who may not be invited to the wedding.Design ideas and inspiration, wedding party gifts, home tech accessories).Already Comparing 5 Items, if you'd like to add this item to compare, you need to remove one of the other five items.While a gift isn't "payback" for free drinks or food, if you're sharing in the expenses mission belt discount code 2017 of the evening, you're not usually expected to bring a gift as well.Finding the perfect gift for a new duo can be tricky.Our expert tip: choose something they can enjoy together.Engagement party etiquette, it's time to share your news and celebrate your newly engaged status!So gift or no gift?Ends 7 AM ET, 10/9.Couples want your heartfelt congratulations most of all and for you to share in their happiness.
We haven't started thinking about the wedding just yet, but we think it will be an intimate celebration next summer.

To avoid a sticky situation, try and have your guest list loosely mapped out and your bridal party chosen before you send out engagement party invites.