A documentary produced by i-Witness of GMA 7, a local TV network, entitled Bantay ng Kalayaan (lit.
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Retrieved August 1, 2013.10 Southwest Cay is in the northern western corner of the Spratly Islands.Citation needed After the party, and when the weather cleared, the returning soldiers were surprised to find that there was a company of South Vietnamese soldiers on the island.In Balagtas Reef, the Philippine Navy's ships alternately take shifts in guarding the reef, though gift deed format father to son pdf they are not just guarding this reef but the whole area that is enclosed by all other Philippine-occupied islands.28 They also say that the jmsu is not different from other agreements the Philippines had made in the past with Australia and Norway regarding the oil in the Spratlys.It was occupied by Philippine forces up to 1975, when South Vietnam forces were able to invade and occupy the island.Several senators alleged that "the agreement weakens the government's position in its claim over the disputed islands." Also, some alleged that it is a "precondition" coupon code for the wreath shop set by China in exchange of some loan agreements.These also exclude naval personnel aboard Philippine Navy and Philippine Coast Guard vessels and pilots of the Philippine Air Force's jets which regularly patrol the area.Archived from the original on December 13, 2012.The legislators said that after convincing the other asean states to force China sign the Declaration, which China initially resisted, the Philippines had made an agreement which will clearly affect the fates of other asean states without even consulting them.Office of the President of the Philippines.Garcia replied that judging from the point of "occupation" and "proximity there were no reasons for these islands and reefs not to be under Philippine jurisdiction.
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An AFP military chief said that the army together with its navy would help bring more tourists to the white sands and pristine waters of Pagasa Island starting April 2008.