Yes, he received all six of Nevada's electoral votes in the 2012 election.
In the popular vote, Barack Obama received 69,498,516 votes in the 2008 presidential election (52.93).While we do not make predictions, now that the election has occurred, we can report that yes, Barack Obama did win the 2012 election, giving him a second term as president.Once estimated votes from the four non-reporting states are included, the margin becomes less significant: 176,465 votes,.5 percent.Another Answer: Yes, He dly.She was responding to an interviewer for New Hampshire Public Radio who asked, "So, if you value the DNC calendar, why not just pull out of Michigan?McCain also did not run a very good campaign, failing to use social media or reach out to young people; and his controversial choice of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin for his vice president did not help him, since she was widely seen as someone.The public believed that the Republican candidate, John McCain, while certainly a war hero, would simply continue President Bush's policies.No, but that is certainly not viewed by political pundits as anything shocking.The Republican party's extreme turn to the right on social issues also alienated many moderates and women.Although some Americans thought.Now that all the primaries and caucuses are over we can take one, final look.He has won two.Since the election of the US President is on 11/6/2012 and this question was asked on 11/5/2012, there is no official name a star gift set way of telling who is winning.Both are for a spoken word album.Those who say his approval rating is the lowest Presidential rating in history have the facts wrong.He also carried the District of Columbia and received one of Nebraska's electoral votes.On November 6, 2012, President Obama won the election, defeating his challenger Mitt Romney.11, 2007, she said of the state, "Its clear, this election theyre having isnt going to count for anything." But that was when she was wooing New Hampshire voters, who cherish their first-in-the-nation primary and who were upset that Michigan was violating party rules designed.President Obama was listed with.7 likelihood to win the 2012 election and that trend was going.This is a question that is still being analyzed and debated; but most political scientists and students of politics believe that President Obama ran a better campaign than Mitt Romney did; despite an economic recovery that was moving starboxes com discount code more slowly than.
As of mid September descendants gift ideas 2012: According to trading at Intrade (a world-wide prediction market President Obama has a very good chance.
Obama much more than they liked and trusted.

As a candidate,.
Obama won more total votes than Clinton in the contests where they both appeared on the ballot.
Even though he was a war hero with a great personal story of bravery, he was awkward as a candidate and never connected with independent voters.