You then stuff the insides and you now have a pour suitable for an ottoman or a chair, and can even double as a coffee table.
If your kids do too, they will love this Fisher Price Nativity set.The great part is that its made with all natural ingredients, so theyll know what theyre putting on their body and be able to pronounce all ingredients.Coffee Filter Wreath, twine Vinyl Holders, custom Name and Picture Boards.These homemade Christmas gifts will be something theyll actually want to receive, and youll feel good that you made it yourself.I sure hope it helps out if youre going handmade this year.Its such an easy and enjoyable way to keep the focus on Jesus before all of the gift-opening begins.Why not give them uplifting and encouraging Christian music songs for kids to sing along to?Sewing Kit in a Jar, this is a great gift for the seamstress in your life.Your privacy is important.This Christian cross heart pendant would make an absolutely lovely gift for any woman on your listyoung or not so young.Sure, you can buy jars of Play-Doh at the store for a reasonable price, and it says its non-toxic, but when you make it at home you have more control of what goes into.And pampering gifts are great gift ideas for the busy people in your life who need to be reminded to slow down and take some time for themselves!Snowman Quilted Pillow Cover Luckily they provide the link to the quilt that was used, as well as a downloadable pattern, because these snowman pillows look great and make a great gift.Jar Lid Picture Magnets These magnets are made out of jar lids are custom built to hold your favorite family photos.It starts by changing pictures from color to black and white, and then affixing them to a series of keychain tabs, one for each family member.The Beginners Bible: Timeless Childrens Stories : Do your children have a Bible on their level that they can actually understand?Call them Fried Joy to the World.Make sure the music your teen fills his or her mind with is uplifting, encouraging and good for the soul.I love making gifts but I never have a lot of time.

Lantern Vases You might have seen similar vases for sale in stores, or even antique shops.