Limitation of Liability and Exclusion of Warranties In the event of any defects in parts, materials or service provided hereunder, DTE Gas only responsibility and the customers sole remedy shall be that on peace prize winner root request of the customer, during the term of this Contract, DTE Gas.
After receipt of the Contract Information Booklet, you will have thirty (30) days to terminate subject to paragraph 5 under Plan Coverage.
DTE Gas will not be responsible for the diagnosis, repair, removal or remediation of mold, mildew, bio-organic growth, rot or fungus, or any damages resulting from or related to mold, mildew, rot or fungus, even when caused by or related to the malfunction, repair,.In fact, they say that the unit cant be measured with a BTU rating.The approved reimbursements will not exceed amounts as established in Fixture Upgrade section.To be eligible for coverage for a claim under the Program, the customer is promo code charlotte russe 2016 required to notify the Program Administrator of the claim condition before any remedial work is attempted on the water heater, either by the customer or any third party.In the event that repair or replacement of the appliance is recommended, it is solely the homeowners responsibility.Assuming you swapped out these packs every 4 to 6 hours, which is how long they last according to the website, this device would have only about 7 of the capacity to cool a room as a window air conditioner.This cooler holds 12 lbs.Service will not be performed in areas where asbestos or any other safety or health hazard exists until the hazard has been eliminated by the customer and at the customers sole expense.Covered Services limits Covered Services are limited to your single-phase or three-phase wiring circuits and related electrical components required to deliver electricity throughout your home or attached garage.DTE Gas reserves the right to perform an on-site inspection of the appliances and systems.Examples OF items NOT covered (list not all inclusive) Abuse of drainage systems (foreign material) Auxiliary (back-up) sump pumps Bidets bidet fixtures Flow restrictions due to rust, corrosion or chemicals Handicapped shower fixtures Lead, galvanized cast iron piping Leaks due to radiant or solar heating.Fixture upgrade When the customer chooses fixture upgrade, or a specific fixture replacement other than the provided Builder Standard fixture, the customer will be responsible for all additional charges.
An appliance will be ineligible for a GreenBacks Cash Option whenever the required repair is deemed to have been the result of flooding, abuse, vandalism, electric power outage or surge, water supply failure, accidents, fire, freezing, pet or pest damage, acts of God, tampering, unauthorized.