However, my DDO, has disallowed both transactions as deductions from my income(pension) and instead deducted TDS.
So how do I resolve this problem?
I have gifted my son, dependent on me, by a ciao bella gifts cheque which was instantly transferred to his acct.Meanwhile, when I que my DDO, they sent me TDS calculation sheet for QE Dec 16 and cumulative for 16-17 which is almost 100 more than what It Dept sms states.Both the proof were submitted to DDO.Dear Members, After reading all the replies, I still have querry.So please enlighten me under which sec of IT am I allowed these exemptions from income.Which I did and I got a transaction reference No from my bank as well as icici Prulife.Further, I also receiveed an SMS from IT Dept 0n 05 Feb 17 stating how much TDS has been deducted for QE 16 and how much cumulative for FY 16-17.For the sake of privacy I am not att the screen shot.Similarly, I paid for my spouse's premium through a Third Pary Declaration Form where she has authorised me to make online payment.Format Deed of Gift Gift by Father to Son.This deed OF gift is made.old agl health care card discount man of years of age, having a wife, one son (the donee) and one daughter.I father have purchased a flat for investment purpose in the name.Request you to share a gift deed format for property where m ultiple heirs.He also has one son who has already been given another seperate.My father has gifted me the property one year ago and it was registered.123, if the gift is of an immovable property, the gift deed must be regi how much do you win pick 4 box stered and attested.The donor and donee are related to each other as father and daughter."2014 will be a defining year for so many reasons and the good news is there are many cost effective ways operators can enhance their businesses without having to raid the bottom line.

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