Oh hold upwait for itno nothey cancelled the tuesday delivery in sydney too!
At first the experience was quite good the emails were clear, it was easy to book online, pay and make an adjustment to the booking.
I booked a half-house move with for a job in january 2014 between melbourne and sydney.However my friend relayed to me that the driver had removed all the plastic covers id covered my furniture in because he feared the plastic would melt in the heat inside the truck.We booked thru them to moving Melbourne to Cairns, they lost our 5000 leather lounge suite never to be seen again, damaged every single thing we own, some wooden furniture the moving guys swept out of the back of the truck as it was.And when i had rang national that day to try and work out where the hell the truck was, it took leaving two messages and i just ended up getting attitude.I posted this experience on my facebook and was appalled to find out that several friends had been stung by them as well.When it came time for my move, the nightmare began!Thirdly, my couch had been scalded by the side of the container!However, i did get out of them a transit time frame i was told delivery from the collection on wednesday would be on thursday (aka i was expecting a next-day interstate service).Now the move would be delayed by a day - again!Sponsored Links, suggested Searches.Two friends had used them recently one banana republic free shipping promo code didnt have any dramas (although he only had 3 boxes the other did have problems at the pickup date (they didnt take all his furniture as there wasnt enough room on the truck.So now on move day mach #3, the driver actually did show up in the morning.
They were literally going to give me somebodys motorbike without question!