did trump win by popular vote

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In the 2016 presidential election Donald Trump received 304electoral votes and Hillary Clinton received 227 electoral votes.
History that a candidate has been elected as president without winning the popular vote, and only the second time since 1888.
Donald Trump received 6 electoral votes, receiving 671,018 votes to Hillary Clinton's 427,005 votes, winning Kansas.Among the main categories of discount dancing with the stars tickets news stories the site lists in its header is "Hillary's jones soda discount code Health which links to a number of rumors about the health of the Democratic nominee.With each state-by-state winner claiming all of its electoral votes, the difference between the Electoral College result and the popular vote can quickly become skewed, as occurred in the Trump-Clinton contest.In any event, Republicans, who now control both the White House and Congress, have no incentive to seek a change.Donald Trump received 8 electoral votes, receiving 1,202,971 votes to Hillary Clinton's 628,854 votes, winning Kentucky.The Daily Show's Dan Amira noticed that numbers were being spread on social media that linked back to the "70 News" site.Taken from the NSA Core Records: As of January 25th, trump: 70,125,263; clinton: 57,177,958 the left used the popular vote as an argument to de-legitimize Trumps presidency.Not really clear, except that the author, "Alex seems to believe that absentee ballots are only counted if the tally could make the difference in the election.Donald Trump received 0 of 5 electoral votes, receiving 319,667 votes to Hillary Clinton's 385,234 votes, losing New Mexico.Donald Trump received 7 electoral votes, receiving 949,136 votes to Hillary Clinton's 420,375 votes, winning Oklahoma.13, 2018, dID trump actually WIN BY 13 million votes?Donald Trump received 6 electoral votes, receiving 800,983 votes to Hillary Clinton's 653,669 votes, winning Iowa.