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Obviously that didnt work out, and while were all expecting another D3 expansion at some point, its not like Blizzard is going to keep developing those forever.
TIP005: PH Platinum can be earned every day by completing your first bounty set of the day.The Chinese Beta Test is now underway, and the official Chinese site m has a bunch of articles posted about the features and differences found in the Chinese version.TIP006: PH Have you come across the Treasure Goblin named the "Chisler" yet?The following links go to Chinese language pages, and are easiest to view in Chrome, which should prompt you to Google translate them automatically.Q: Just now when it comes to the game can also get white gold, then ask which way the game can get the white gold.Platinum, what you get for plat, and how much players can earn in-game.I understand what all went into that system, and how Blizzard's design was not how the game ended up with direction, but personally, I loved where it was going.A couple of more"s from the interview: Q: soon to May 15 the third anniversary of the Diablo 3, in the third anniversary of the Diablo 3 game whether there will be any special events?You won't find me on top of any ladders, but if there was one for sheer hours played, you might.The logic is that a game sold on a one-time purchase can be buggy or rushed or unfinished, since it only needs to look good once to get your money while subscription or F2P games have to maintain content and support, and keep adding new.What do you guys think?TIP009: PH A great way to distinguish yourself is through Pets, Pennants, Wings and Portrait Frames.The interface looks kind of meh, with extra chests added on top of the stash, each of which opens another page with up to five more stash tabs.Wyatt Cheng: This must be a very important day, but we still do not have much detail to share with you.Unlock achievements to get a white gold 100 (The achievement is to kill the Skeleton King).I said amAa, because the one thing I'm not going to disclose is the specific items I have bought and sold, and a few specifics about my techniques and trade secrets, simply because it's part of what makes me successful :P I will try.If a player is not in the game when it comes to how many white gold to get any input, our current thinking is that if you are a casual player, a reasonable allocation of time every day to play some, the amount you can.As for the specific gain value we have not settled, we will continue to observe and verify and make adjustments in the process of testing.This was heresy in gaming 10 or 15 years ago, but has since become the industry standard and Ive seen players argue that its a superior system.Diablo 3 in China: Cash for Stash Details Revealed!As for the other way to get the number of white gold, we will continue to observe and report.
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As already mentioned broadsword, whether culture or history, mythology, and we want players to give us mention some ideas and suggestions, we would consider.