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Contesting a will because the person who made it lacked the mental capacity to make a Will.
Learn how we have helped clients to make successful claims and defend claims being made by others.
Examples where SheridanLaw, from its Kingston upon Thames Surrey location, is able to contest a will include: Failure to provide / Unfair Wills (Inheritance Act Claims).A firm with experience in rc4wd coupon code contesting Wills or defending Will Disputes and Inheritance Act claims where the validity of a Will is in dispute.Geoffrey Lurie contentious probate solicitors Newcastle are here to help you with the investigating, proving and sometimes disputing the validity of what may appear to be the deceaseds last and valid Will.The generic term for all three documents is a Grant of Representation.Contact us, choose us to deal with your Will dispute and you will benefit from: Access to a 24/7 legal helpline to deal with your enquiry.For example, you may have concerns how the Will was country thunder promo code 2015 made, or you may think you have been house of bols amsterdam discount code unfairly cut out a Will.The leading case of Banks v Goodfellow (1870) established that in order for a Will to be valid, the person making the Will must have been of sound mind and had testamentary capacity at the time the Will was made.If you sign our Conditional Cost Agreement (CCA) under our No Win, No Fee* Plan we will usually fund the whole case for you and we only claim our fees if we can get them paid by the Estate.Paid or volunteer carers who receive a large bequest despite knowing the testator only a short time, can also be viewed with suspicion by family members who had been expecting to inherit.Wife left out of husband's will: we have special expertise and experience in bringing cases on behalf of a wife who has been left out of her husband's will (or vice versa) and on behalf of unmarried partners who are left out of their partner's.Undue influence cases can also involve distant relatives or past friends who suddenly re-enter the life of the testator at a financially convenient time.Cases based on undue influence require a high burden of proof to the extent that there could be no other reasonable explanation for a testators decision to have suddenly changed their Will.Well even come to visit you at home if needed.Read more, inheritance Act, we could help you claim under the Inheritance Act if a loved one has died and you believe you havent been properly provided for.We have the expertise to effectively contest a will or defend a will on behalf of our clients.

There are many grounds upon which the validity of Wills or the terms in a Will can be contested, challenged or disputed.