You cant swing a dead cat around the countryside without hitting a craft brewery these days.
With each ornament you give, youre helping your friend get one homemade gifts friendship day step closer to not having to throw a whole bunch of those gold balls (that always fall off) on their tree.
Give your friend or loved one a reminder of their favorite comic book, TV show, or character from classic literature to bring a little fun to their workspace.This also works with friends, but best to give them a photo of the two of you together, rather than one of just yourself.The first issue of your favorite comic book or graphic novel series Comic books are a growing market, and theres a lot more out there these days than just Marvel and.Load them up with head scratchers to keep them busy until the spring thaw.Give them some encouragementand the tools to create their dream itinerary.A collection of nice hot chocolate mixes, plus a mug and marshmallows Image by Randy Heinitz.Your endocrine system: decidedly not ripe for disruption.I am personally a hot chocolate lover so this would make a great gift for me tutorial 5, tile Coaster, you can buy these plain tiles random acts of kindness gift ideas at Home Depot for under a dollar.But if youre responsible, its the perfect time of year to put a few extra dollars in your pocket with teaser bonuses or one of these top cash rewards credit cards.A nice tote bag Its not just for subscribing to the New Yorker or donating to NPR anymore.Print your friends pets name on the collar, or get one in their favorite collar.This was made from an old wooden kitchen board again so affordable.

Well, theres a game for that.
Now, The Economist is not a cheap gift (theres a reason I asked someone else to buy it for me) but there are plenty of other magazines subscriptions to be had for far less than the combined newsstand price of a few issues.
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