You could give each other something to wear for the wedding itself (cuff links, a necklace) or maybe something for the honeymoon (a great pair of sunglasses, snorkeling gear).
Perhaps you like massages and arranged a massage just before brunch in the morning.
This is unless the performance is a little more risque then yes in the honeymoon suite is more appropriate.
For example while you may get your partner a gift for your wedding night they may be planning something for the first day or the honeymoon.What To Get Him / Her?You do not need to spend a lot but what matters more is the sentiment behind the gift.Giving one another gifts on the wedding day is a sweet way for the bride and groom to start off the celebration.You could include a note with the gift to let your fiance know you are thinking about them as you prepare for the big day.A special experience, photograph, painting, or piece of art, jasper flowers and gifts a new gadget.If it is something deep and personal we suggest to exchange gifts after the wedding reception.Since talking is allowed, you should open the gifts then and there so you can let each other know how much you love your new presents.If your partner did not get a gift there could be a few reasons.Gifts of jewellery could be something to be worn on the wedding day itself, but you will need to discuss this beforehand so that you and your fiance don?In some ways it can be more meaningful as it would be the first day together as husband and wife.Yes, I am 333 votes, no, I'm not 144 votes, total: 480 votes, arguing in favour of bride and groom gifts, a recently married friend told me that opening the earrings her husband bought her on the morning of the wedding was one of the.Many years will pass and (with hard work and luck) you may be able to purchase jewellery that is bigger and more exquisite in the future.However, most couples are looking for something more romantic, and tend to leave these presents for their gift list.A good example is the engagement ring.Bride and groom gift ideas.Did you do one for your wedding?