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The idea here, obviously, is that two adults in a discount dc snowboard boots household will be spouses or significant others - but you could also set up a household with someone you trust not to steal your credit card info, like a sibling, parent or BFF.
Bonus: You can also use this preorder trick to purchase Amazon add on items (items that can only be shipped with an order of 25 or more).Filler Item Finder, which lets you plug in the bluesfest discount code amount you need for free shipping and filter your results by category.So, here are some tricks you can use to get free or discounted shipping from the world's largest online retailer.Be a student, you can get Amazon Prime for just 49/year - if you're a college student.Sarah Jacobsson Purewal/cnet, on the next screen, where you select a shipping address, you should see the option.Continue, go through the payment screen, and make sure you choose free shipping for all of your items.If you can't seem to find 49 worth of stuff you need right this second, throw in a few preorders, like this "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Blu-ray.Well, a college student or someone with a email address.Ship to multiple addresses for free.And if, for some reason, you decide that you don't want another Star Wars Blu-ray to add to your collection after all.You can find these items with a service like.Click this, and choose the individual address you'd like each item to ship to from the drop-down menus.You can always cancel your preorder before it ships.Amazon offers free shipping on eligible (read: most) items if your purchase totals 49 or more.Ship to multiple addresses in the upper right corner.If you can't hit the minimum, add in a gift or two for your parents and click.Find filler items, look for cheap filler items that will help you hit the 49 limit without spending a cent more than you need.Sarah Jacobsson Purewal/cnet, amazon bills for items as they ship, so your card won't get charged for the Blu-ray but your pens will still ship for free.
Share your Prime membership, you don't have to be a student to get 49/year Prime - you could just be someone with a super close buddy you happen trust with your credit card information.
Amazon lets you share your Prime account with one other adult via.