Especially when it comes to remaining hydrated.
Perfect for the colleague with the greenest cubicle.Deck of cards and head visor for the poker player in your life.Place paint supplies and a plain white t-shirt in a gift bag for some tie dye fun!In this article.A pair of work gloves to help protect their hands is a thoughtful gesture.And the strap comes in 7 different colors.(.80 dSLR Camera USB Drive, ideal for the photographer friend who just cant stop going on about lenses and tripods and camera accessories.Packs of Post-It Notes in assorted sizes.(.99) Portable Water Misting Fan This gem is better used outdoors than inside, and probably after Christmas is over.Puzzles are good exercise for the brain.(.15) More: Angry birds goodies Geek Ball Stuffed with geek speak like fail, LOL and Meh, this Geek Ball brings a new twist rockhound gift ideas to the magic 8-ball we grew up with.Black Wristband USB Flash Memory Drive 8GB.A birdhouse to welcome their fine feathered friends.A gift card for 10 from 7-11.(.00 more: Gifts for photographers.
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